Title: The Milky Way
Artist: Sinux
Genre: Experimental Electronic
Release Date: April, 2013
Label: Beats Garage
Cat No: BGAID15

Sinux is the Argentinian duo of Catalina Ballion and Wii Ar Uan.  Originally started as a solo project by Catalina, she found some uncertainty surrounding her first release.  She worked with Wii on a track for another project, and found that they worked well together and decided to formalize the relationship, re-branding Sinux as a duo.

And we should be very happy the two of them are working together to produce what I think of as Argentinian electronic pop music.  This release has become, easily, one of my favorite releases of the past four months.

At first listen, their music sounds almost pop-ish.  A lot of processed sounds and beats, arranged in a sonic landscape that frames the processed female lead vocals.  Almost as if a From The Choirgirl Hotel era Tori Amos were to somehow inhabit the same space as Daydream Nation era Sonic Youth.

The central beats provide a way for listeners to relate to each song, while the structural experimentation never becomes overbearing. Yes, this is an experimental duo, but the experiments definitely compliment the songs instead of overwhelming them or getting in the way of the listening experience.

In fact, most of the songs on this release are very compact, being under three minutes in length. ┬áThe emphasis in these recordings is getting the sounds down, getting the form in place, and letting the songs speak for themselves. ┬áAnd it’s a real treat to listen to. ┬áComposers have a way of judging the “expense” of a piece of music based on its compositional complexity. ┬áThese songs strike a balance between the complexity and economy that is perfect.

The surprising thing about this album is, despite being an electronic duo, many of the tracks have a more organic sound to them due to the choice of guitar sounds being used.  Most of the tracks have the feeling of being the product of a couple of teenagers in a garage, banging on guitars and drums, instead of the feeling of a couple of people in a house or studio, working out everything on a computer.

And that’s what puts this release head and shoulders above many of the other releases:┬áspontaneity. These songs have a feeling of ragged joy to them. ┬áNot over-polished, computerized high concepts, but rather the joy of two people performing together and getting the songs, the arrangement, and the feeling just right.

Hopefully, this will lead Sinux to some performances that should be quite outstanding.  As noted in their biography, they are known for improvisation in their live act.  These songs are so well-balanced and constructed as to make for interesting live performances.  Makes me wish I lived in Argentina so I could go see their shows.

Sinux: The Milky Way

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Posted by George De Bruin