Title: Tar Labs Pt. 1
Artist: Tar Miles
Release Date: 24 Sept 2013
Genre: Techno
License: CC BY-NC-ND
Release Label: Etched Traumas

This is definitely a throwback for me. ¬†It sounds like something that could have been released in the 1970’s by Tangerine Dream or Kraftwerk. ¬†Analog synthesizers, sequencers and a drum machine underlying all sorts of keyboard washes and rhythmic shifts.

But, this isn’t 1970’s synthesizer music. ¬†It’s definitely techno music as if it had somehow fallen through a rift in time and been re-interpreted by Kraftwerk.

And that’s what¬†Thanos Papadopoulos has done here. ¬†He’s taken a different approach to creating modern dance music, re-interpreted through the history of electronic music. ¬†And, then to cap it all off, he’s added some new and unique twists and variations within these four tracks that take them into a different dimension.

I’m typically not much of a techno fan. ¬†But, this is one of the cases where make an exception. ¬†There’s lots of details paid to the layering of the synthesizers. ¬†Lots of attention to creating rhythmic counterpoint and variations that transcend the idea of this being techno music. ¬†It’s every bit as listenable as it is dance-able.

This is like taking a trip back to the old pulp science fiction stories or a TV series like Lost In Space and re-interpreting the narratives, without changing the characters or the settings. ¬†It all looks and sounds terribly old, but it’s definitely new. ¬†And that is an accomplishment that few artists actually undertake, much less succeed at these days.

Tar Miles: Tar Labs Pt. 1




Posted by George De Bruin