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Lunar Dawn: Kolovrat

Lunar Dawn: Kolovrat

Lunar Dawn: Kolovrat is my attempt to get into Goa music. There is something to be said for this music, and especially for this release.

The World Beyond

The World Beyond: The World Beyond

The World Beyond starts out clearly in one world, and by the end has taken the listener to a new level in a new world of experience.

Cosmic Replicant - Soul Of The Universe

Cosmic Replicant: Soul Of The Universe

After several previous label releases, Soul of The Universe by Cosmic Replicant is the first independent release for Pavel Shirshin.

One Tasty Discretionary Divination

One Tasty Morsel: Discretionary Divination

I’ve somehow found my way into musical prankster territory this week. and this one tasty discretionary divination just adds to the fun pranks.

The Fingerprint of Graindeur

Fingerprint: Delusions Of Graindeur

This recording was conceived as part of a masters thesis on granular synthesis, as such, the fingerprint of graindeur is all over this EP.