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In Stephen Briggs Morning Mists

Stephen Briggs: Nebbie Mattutine

If you are confused by the article title: In Stephen Briggs Morning Mists, there is a simple explanation. ‘Nebbie Mattutine’ is Italian for Morning Mists.

Re-Lab Re-Interprets Bach

Re-Lab: Bach BWV 1051

One of the things that remains the most interesting when it comes to classical music is the ability of musicians and artists throughout the ages to re-interpret pieces in ways the composer(s) would never have been able to conceive when they originally composed the works in the first place.

Andres Elstein's La Caja

Andres Elstein: La Caja

So I am probably not the first person to say this, but: I am really happy for Andres Elstein’s La Caja. I’ve missed this style of jazz!