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In Stephen Briggs Morning Mists

Stephen Briggs: Nebbie Mattutine

If you are confused by the article title: In Stephen Briggs Morning Mists, there is a simple explanation. ‘Nebbie Mattutine’ is Italian for Morning Mists.

Inspired Vocal Improv Challenge

Serhio Efremis & Elli Q: Vocalises

This is an inspired vocal improv challenge on Vocalises: electronic compositions interwoven with vocal improvisations in a widely varied sonic excursion.

Traveling with Michael Bijker

Michaël Bijker: Ways To Travel

I came across the Archaic Horizon netlabel on Twitter. Now that I’ve been traveling with Michael Bijker, I’m undertaking my journey to the Archaic Horizon.

nisei23 - elevenandtwelve

nisei23: elevenandtwelve

Textures, minimalism, structure and more elements combine to make this a release worth listening to many times.