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Extreme Website Cleaning: The CerebralRift

Extreme Website Cleaning

I found an exploded bomb on The CerebralRift. During the cleanup I came to a decision about the future of our articles, and found a major issue.

Looking for The Match

CerebralRift Goes KABOOM!

Towards the beginning of September, The CerebralRift went KABOOM! Cleaning up the mess provides a good study for website admins and bloggers.

Quiet Friends Celebration Of Structures From Silence

Quiet Friends: A 30th Anniversary Tribute to Steve Roach’s Structures From Silence

I’ve held back on writing about this quiet friends celebration of Structures From Silence in order to find some way to do this work the honor it deserves.

Cover: Ergo Phizmiz - All Our Clocks Are Dying Prepared Piano Improvisations

Ergo Phizmiz: All Our Clocks Are Dying: Prepared Piano Improvisations

Ergo Phizmiz records and releases a work in 24 hrs. I write a review of said work in 24hrs.

nisei23 - elevenandtwelve

nisei23: elevenandtwelve

Textures, minimalism, structure and more elements combine to make this a release worth listening to many times.