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Red Clouds cover sun, moon and stars

James Hoehl: sun moon stars

The Red Clouds cover sun, moon and stars throwing the world into a pitch dark abyss where textures are only sensed through glimers of occasional light.

Cover: Empiric - Origami

Empiric: Origami

These pieces fall into the old adage: a picture is worth a thousand words. Here we have a collection of twelve pictures and I could write several thousand words about each of them.

Cover: Nebyla - Everest EP

Nebyla: Everest EP

Sometimes older release are gems, even in genres that the author doesn’t normally listen to.

Cover: Umbrose - Final Nights

Umbrose: Final Nights

This review is left for historical purposes. This release is no longer Creative Commons licensed, and is therefore given an automatic 0 rating.

Front Cover: Vlisa - Diary of Lonely Girl

Vlisa: Diary Of Lonely Girl

This is another release from Vlisa that I cannot recommend highly enough for the vision and artistic value.