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Please Pray For Brain

Pray For Brain: None Of The Above

This is no zombie joke. This release makes me want to Pray for Brain. After hearing it, I think you will too…so, please Pray for Brain.

Night Tunes Grown On Tree60

Tree60: Night Tunes Collection

There are times when the best music takes a long time to develop, in the case of the night tunes grown on Tree60, it took a decade.

The DJ Def Chad Remedy - The Black Holocaust

DJ Def Chad: The Black Holocaust

DJ Def Chad’s first solo release is “grown folks” music, featuring a mixture of social consciousness and story telling.

JCreate's Introspection

JCreate: Musical Introspection

I’ve been leaning towards more down tempo, trip-hop and jazz type releases lately, and JCreate’s Introspection certainly fits the bill for my mood.

Foof Yourself, Vol. 1

Foof Yourself: Vol. 1

Foof Records is a new label on the scene, and it may seem a bit strange that after only six months of formally releasing recordings they have decided to release a compilation. However, this decision was a really good one as it really is a showcase for what they have managed to accomplish in a very short period of time.

Cover: Spiedkiks - Take Off Your Makeup

Spiedkiks: Take Off Your Make Up

One of the most enjoyable trip-hop releases of the year.