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Skankshot - Skankshot

Skankshot: Skankshot

Skankshot has released their final album on BandCamp. Of course, as always, i am late to the game and didn’t know about this band the last 4-5 years.

Break The Bans Propaganda

Break The Bans: Propaganda

Break The Bans Propaganda is Alex Fry’s interpretation of what punk music should sound like. It has all the key elements. Then why doesn’t it quite work?

Kate McCandless Speaks In Tongues

she speaks in tongues: gloria, GUITAR

Kate McCandless speaks in tongues of history, of feminism, of rock music, and of cultural appropriation. And she does all this while performing in a burlap sack. Wait, what? Why a burlap sack? Well, I will try to cover this, and a complex range of topics in the rest of this review.

The Fervent Jenn Kelly

Jenn Kelly: Fervent

The fervent Jenn Kelly is a traveler. She arranges shows as she travels. Her first CC release showcases the directness and passion in her music.

Voland: With Us Music

Voland: With Us Music!

Okay, I have to say something up front: I can’t read Russian.  I can’t even phonetically pronounce any of the words, except maybe for “moo-see-ka”.  Oh, yeah, also the word “Hey!”.  But beyond that I […]