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Three Excursions of Altus

Altus: Excursion Three

I haven’t reviewed any Earth Mantra releases on The CerebralRift, despite knowing about the label for several years. Even so, starting with the three excursions of Altus on this release make is a great place to start covering works from this well respected, long running Netlabel.

Warmth Through The Broken Lights

Gustavo Caldas: Broken Lights

I love all sorts of Jazz music, and Gustavo Caldas brings us the warmth through the broken lights in his ambient piano jazz mixed with a bit of mysticism.

Tunguska - Fits to a T

Various: T

This is my third Tunguska EMS review. Tunguska releases have incredible depth, range and diversity. Take this release as an example because it fits to a T.

Cover: Bobby Jones - Planets With Two Suns Have Black Trees

Bobby Jones: Planets With Two Suns Have Black Trees

Subterranean Tide has set us on a journey on the sea…Bobby Jones takes us on a journey of sonic reflection.

Kira Velella: Daughter

Kira Velella is an indie folk / rock singer songwriter from New York. Soprano vocals with slight vibrato and poetic lyrics are the lynch-pins of her style.In My Ears: Kira Velella – Daughter

Cover: Fucksia - Il Piccolo Cinema Di Beseno

Fucksia: Il Piccolo Cinema Di Beseno

Fucksia writes panoramic, melodic glitch-pop for small environments. Perfect for headphones and late-night listening.