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Aspiration Beat: Kamikaze

Aspiration Beat: Kamikaze

Aspiration Beat: Kamikaze is a release that I only started to appreciate more after translating the very brief release notes from Russian to English.

Some Folk Can

Ergo Phizmiz: Some Folk Can

Ergo Phizmiz is no stranger here on The CerebralRift. This will be the ninth article I’ve dedicated to writing about his musical flights of fancy. On Some Folks Can Ergo continues his exploration of electro-mechanical pop music as only he can.

Behind Gate Number One

TNKS: Gate One

Behind gate number one we have a release that defied my understanding of Sucu Music.

Ambelion - Waiting for Quarters

Ambelion: Waiting for Quarters

Ambelion – Waiting for Quarters: remastered 2005 release reveals an artist that has given a lot of thought to the substance and forms of electronic music.

Darvillers Ghost: Fake Polarity

This is the kind of recording that is almost a picture-perfect definition of dark ambient drone works.