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The Fucked Up Beat's Europa II

The Fucked Up Beat: Europa II

Released the same day as Europa, The Fucked Up Beat’s Europa II is a complementary release that focuses on a different aspect of their style

The Fucked Up Beat in Europa

The Fucked Up Beat: Europa

The Fucked Up Beat in Europa sees a new level of production and musicality for the duo of Eddie Palmer and Brett Zehner, but keeps their artistic vision.

Miracle Rebirth of Helaku

Helaku: Miracle Rebirth

The Miracle Rebirth of Helaku is in the way he takes samples and mashes them up. He is taking the familiar and making it different while still maintaining enough of the original familiarity.

Metallic Jungle Of Frontcore

Frontcore * Frontcore

Rushing through the metallic jungle of Frontcore is like trying to run on a road into oncoming traffic with cars whizzing past, accelerators mashed down.

Varia: Magic + Omega

Varia: Magic + Omega

Remixing and transformation is a long standing tradition across art forms. Sometimes it can be done extremely well, other times…