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Music, Money and the Internet

The recent spat over Spotify’s payouts has renewed a debate that some artists and listeners have been have regarding Music, Money and the Internet.

Lost Wisdom of the Shaman of Altai

Various: Point Altai

The story of the lost wisdom of the Shaman of Altai is story of mythological proportion set in one of the most interesting locations left on earth.

He Really Did His Homework

Antistase & Music AutOmatik: I Did My HomeWorks N°1

Sometimes a work is exceptional enough to be treated as a special case. Well, Antistase is one such special case because he really did his homework.

Cover: Negritage - Guetto Roots of Dub Vol 1

Negritage: Guetto Roots of Dub (Vol. 1)

This is a recording of the purest Jamaican dub sounds like we never hear in the US without importing recordings from Jamaica.