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The Hybris of Sun Sunych

Sun Sunych: Hybris

The Hybris of Sun Sunych has taught me two lessons. First, don’t read Google translations of rap lyrics. Second, Hybris is an alternative for Hubris.

DJ Racy A.J Prevails

DJ Racy A.J: Prevail

DJ Racy A.J Prevails and has managed to bring this release into the world despite the turmoil of the past year in the Ukraine.

Mo Junkie Mo Junk

Mo Junkie: 3^3

Sometimes the name an artist chooses for him or herself has ironic meanings that they don’t intend. In this case Mo Junkie means mo junk to me.

Little Smartphone Spiedkiks Interview

I first became aware of SPIEDKIKS last year with the release of “Take Off Your Makeup” on Rec72. I loved everything about the release, except for the final track. After publishing my review, Chris “Kik” Stark contacted me and explained that the last track was an homage to The Beastie Boys. I felt a little stupid — it made perfect sense. My only defense was I hadn’t listened to The Beastie Boys for several (10 or more) years. The Little Smartphone Spiedkiks interview was conducted recently, and offers interesting insights into the duo’s work, Creative Commons licensing, and more.

The Royal Treatment of VYVCH

VYVCH: The Royal Treatment

Getting the royal treatment of VYVCH in my ears seems to be continuing a trend that I’ve been on lately: listening to Russian electronic music.

The DJ Def Chad Remedy - The Black Holocaust

DJ Def Chad: The Black Holocaust

DJ Def Chad’s first solo release is “grown folks” music, featuring a mixture of social consciousness and story telling.