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Behind Gate Number One

TNKS: Gate One

Behind gate number one we have a release that defied my understanding of Sucu Music.

Little Smartphone Spiedkiks Interview

I first became aware of SPIEDKIKS last year with the release of “Take Off Your Makeup” on Rec72. I loved everything about the release, except for the final track. After publishing my review, Chris “Kik” Stark contacted me and explained that the last track was an homage to The Beastie Boys. I felt a little stupid — it made perfect sense. My only defense was I hadn’t listened to The Beastie Boys for several (10 or more) years. The Little Smartphone Spiedkiks interview was conducted recently, and offers interesting insights into the duo’s work, Creative Commons licensing, and more.

Ergo Phizmiz Spells Trouble

Ergo Phizmiz Spells Trouble

This release might have the most accurate title ever: Ergo Phizmiz Spells Trouble — but is it good or bad trouble? Read this article and find out!

Check Out The ToPaRaMa Joy

Pat Mastelotto & Tobias Ralph: ToPaRaMa

When I decided to check out the ToPaRaMa joy, I didn’t know what to expect beyond a release that was heavily drum based. This release offer a lot more.

Please Pray For Brain

Pray For Brain: None Of The Above

This is no zombie joke. This release makes me want to Pray for Brain. After hearing it, I think you will too…so, please Pray for Brain.

Night Tunes Grown On Tree60

Tree60: Night Tunes Collection

There are times when the best music takes a long time to develop, in the case of the night tunes grown on Tree60, it took a decade.