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Sucu Music Netlabel Interview

The Sucu Music Netlabel was founded in 2013 in Enna, Italy by four artists with diverse backgrounds. On just before their 1st anniversary they chat with The CerebralRift about their releases, collaborating, Creative Commons and the future of netaudio.

Why I Support Creative Commons, Part 2

Preserving the freedom of choice for the artist does not mean that they have to bypass compensation.

Ergo Phizmiz: The Faust Cycle

Ergo Phizmiz: The Faust Cycle – Day Eight

By this point, I have lost most narrative elements of this story, only to say that I do know which object is in “The Abduction of the Object”.

Bielebny: Punxsutawney

Bielebny: Punxsutawney

I was concerned when I listened to the first track of the album…  “Nitro” was something of a jumbled mess to my ears that really didn’t go anywhere. I was left thinking, “sheesh, this might […]

Space Weirdo: Cosmonaut

Space Weirdo: Cosmonaut

Where do I start with this album?  People think the Open Culture initiative cannot produce music that is at the same level as commercial releases. Well, if they wanted proof otherwise, I would point this […]