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Psycho by Plusplus - Review

Plusplus: Psycho

Psycho by Plusplus is the third part of the “Evils Trilogy” which started back in 2008. Plusplus has produced an excellent earthy, grounded release.

Songs Matured in Dazie Mae

Dazie Mae: Songs Matured In Oak

The songs matured in Dazie Mae show the results of a new generation mixing styles from the past, and passing the torch from one generation to another.

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Smith: Intro

blocSonic has re-started producing a series of releases designed to expose listeners to artists they feel have been overlooked. And the first one of these releases I have encountered is introducing Mr. & Mrs. Smith to me.

Kira Velella: Daughter

Kira Velella is an indie folk / rock singer songwriter from New York. Soprano vocals with slight vibrato and poetic lyrics are the lynch-pins of her style.In My Ears: Kira Velella – Daughter