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IIII/IIII Explorer

IIII/IIII: Explorer

IIII/IIII Explorer isn’t exactly a shining piece of work: it’s simple, somewhat nondescript and rather plain. And yet I like it for those reasons.

Foof Yourself, Vol. 1

Foof Yourself: Vol. 1

Foof Records is a new label on the scene, and it may seem a bit strange that after only six months of formally releasing recordings they have decided to release a compilation. However, this decision was a really good one as it really is a showcase for what they have managed to accomplish in a very short period of time.

Cover: The Womb: rigami Swan

The Womb: Origami Swan

Note: This review has been officially retracted. The artist has retracted the release, and removed the Creative Commons license from it. The document remains here as a historical artifact.

Varia: Magic + Omega

Varia: Magic + Omega

Remixing and transformation is a long standing tradition across art forms. Sometimes it can be done extremely well, other times…