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The Secret Of The Angels

Joe Frawley (Rachel Rambach, vocals): Angel Boxes

The secret of the angels is found in energy of the collaboration between Joe Frawley and Rachel Rambach on this release.

He Really Did His Homework

Antistase & Music AutOmatik: I Did My HomeWorks N°1

Sometimes a work is exceptional enough to be treated as a special case. Well, Antistase is one such special case because he really did his homework.

Chillin' Out With Tunguska

Various: Tunguska Chillout Grooves Vol. 11

Tunguska impresses me because I can be chillin’ out with Tunguska one minute, deep jungle groovin’ the next, and go in a different direction in the third.

Cover: Henri Feuillade - Wraith Paradigm

Henri Feuillade: Wraith Paradigm

It’s not often I am compelled to write a review of a release after listening to the first few minutes.  Wraith Paradigm joins the ranks of recordings that made extremely strong, immediate impressions on me.