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Made Of Wood: Narcotherapy Hypnosis

Made Of Wood: Narcotherapy Hypnosis

Made Of Wood: Narcotherapy Hypnosis is the third soulfull, chillout, funky jazz trip from Dan Waldman. It’s one of those releases the just keeps giving.

Albert Artemyev - Above The Sky

Albert Artemyev: Above The Sky

Albert Artemyev – Above The Sky is a chillout work that harkens back to some of the early electronic netlabel music I first encountered.

Surprise Mystery Crater In Cheko Lake

Various: Craters Cheko

I once again turn to Tunguska EMS and their latest release: Craters: Cheko, which is inspired by the surprise mystery crater in Cheko lake.

Traveling with Michael Bijker

Michaël Bijker: Ways To Travel

I came across the Archaic Horizon netlabel on Twitter. Now that I’ve been traveling with Michael Bijker, I’m undertaking my journey to the Archaic Horizon.

Czravan of Lightbulbs in Sp.Ace

Sp.Ace: Caravan of Lightbulbs

Sometimes I question what is supposed to be special about a release? The caravan of lightbulbs in Sp.Ace isn’t too mysterious in having a unique quality.

Smooth Rolling On The Autumn Tram

Various: Autumn Tram

Since I reviewed All Objects Lost, Tunguska releases have been a constant in my review queue. Today let’s go for some smooth rolling on the Autumn Tram.