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Mr. & Mrs. Smith's Taxidermy Resurrection

Mr. & Mrs. Smith: Taxidermy (Brought Back To Life)

Mr. & Mrs. Smith’s Taxidermy Resurrection is filled with symbols of death and life poured into stories about life and relationships.

Kate McCandless Speaks In Tongues

she speaks in tongues: gloria, GUITAR

Kate McCandless speaks in tongues of history, of feminism, of rock music, and of cultural appropriation. And she does all this while performing in a burlap sack. Wait, what? Why a burlap sack? Well, I will try to cover this, and a complex range of topics in the rest of this review.

Please Pray For Brain

Pray For Brain: None Of The Above

This is no zombie joke. This release makes me want to Pray for Brain. After hearing it, I think you will too…so, please Pray for Brain.

As Moderate Lights Fade

Moderator: As The Lights Fade

When the moderate lights fade… Moderator has gathered twenty six soulful, downtempo tracks from 2012 his MODulation series into a single collection.

Songs Matured in Dazie Mae

Dazie Mae: Songs Matured In Oak

The songs matured in Dazie Mae show the results of a new generation mixing styles from the past, and passing the torch from one generation to another.

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Smith: Intro

blocSonic has re-started producing a series of releases designed to expose listeners to artists they feel have been overlooked. And the first one of these releases I have encountered is introducing Mr. & Mrs. Smith to me.