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Vortex Mechanic Forecasts The Future

Vortex Mechanic: Forecasting The Future

When Vortex Mechanic forecasts the future, you might want to take notice. It would be a disservice to not write about it. It’s well worth the time.

Joost Egelie: From Mars To Earth

Joost Egelie: From Mars To Earth

Joost Egelie: From Mars To Earth explores the concept of what it would take to re-invent technology in order to return to the origin of the human species.

Dealon's First Flight - Review

Dealon: First Flight

Dealon’s First Flight is a collection of recordings made between 1998 and 2003. Why did it take ten years to collect and release these recordings?

Stark's Pond Origin - Review

Stark’s Pond: Origin

Stark’s Pond Origin is the first release from United Studios Corporation to be reviewed here. It’s a bright, bouncy release that mixes old and new well.

Just A Glimpse of William Spivey

William Spivey: Glimpse

I’m being selective with ambient music, so I bring you just a glimpse of William Spivey for his unique blend of ambient and electronic styles.

Tunguska - Fits to a T

Various: T

This is my third Tunguska EMS review. Tunguska releases have incredible depth, range and diversity. Take this release as an example because it fits to a T.