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Mysterious Darkside of the Sequence

Darkside: Unknown Sequence

Ariel Romero is a prodigy of modern musical culture. On this release he takes us on a journey into the mysterious darkside of the sequence.

Night Tunes Grown On Tree60

Tree60: Night Tunes Collection

There are times when the best music takes a long time to develop, in the case of the night tunes grown on Tree60, it took a decade.

Cover: Pobedia - Movement

Pobedia: Movement

This is the release that started me thinking I needed a grading scale.

Varia: Magic + Omega

Varia: Magic + Omega

Remixing and transformation is a long standing tradition across art forms. Sometimes it can be done extremely well, other times…

Cover: Horror Vacui by dustmotes

dustmotes: Horror Vacui

One might be tempted to think Horror Vacui is an experiment in collage: the process of pasting a bunch of pieces together from different sources.  And, to a degree it is, at least in the visual representation of the cover work. But it is more…