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adcBicycle: Malignant Cove

adcBicycle: Malignant Cove

adcBicycle: Malignant Cove is an interesting blend of analog electronics from the 70’s/80’s twisted into an emo/shoe-gaze style.

Silicate Garden by Weldroid - Review

Weldroid: Silicate Garden

Silicate Garden is Weldroid’s tenth release, and possibly the final for Tamás Zsiros under the guise of this droid…

Period Three (aka David Turgeon): Auld Cove

This is an old work from 1999. I can say that I am happy to hear it come to light now as a release from No Type, as the Auld Cove experiment surprises me.

Discover The Aural Vessels

Rui P. Andrade: Vessels

When you discover the aural vessels of Rui Andrade you might find the beauty in noise you never considered to have any characteristics before.

Night Tunes Grown On Tree60

Tree60: Night Tunes Collection

There are times when the best music takes a long time to develop, in the case of the night tunes grown on Tree60, it took a decade.

Cover: Negritage - Guetto Roots of Dub Vol 1

Negritage: Guetto Roots of Dub (Vol. 1)

This is a recording of the purest Jamaican dub sounds like we never hear in the US without importing recordings from Jamaica.