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Rmine's Panopticon

Rmine: Panopticon EP

Rmine’s Panopticon is a display piece different styles of electronic music. It makes for a nice retreat from most of the noisy electronic music of today.

Cover: Kurbeats - Foltronica

Kurbeats: Folktronica

This is one of the most impressive releases I’ve heard in years. Yes, even with some really impressive releases I’ve listened to this year, this one is way up there.

Cover: Steve Hilmy & Dnaiel barbiero - take a sound.

Steve Hilmy & Daniel Barbiero: take a sound. do something to it. do something else to it.

Steve Hilmy & Daniel Barbiero present intriguing electroacoustic improvised works for Double Bass and Electronics.

Kira Velella: Daughter

Kira Velella is an indie folk / rock singer songwriter from New York. Soprano vocals with slight vibrato and poetic lyrics are the lynch-pins of her style.In My Ears: Kira Velella – Daughter

Cover: Umbrose - Final Nights

Umbrose: Final Nights

This review is left for historical purposes. This release is no longer Creative Commons licensed, and is therefore given an automatic 0 rating.

Jekyll Wood: Only Son EP

Jekyll Wood: Only Son

An extremely fresh, well performed, well written release highly worth checking out.