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200 in 2014

200 in 2014

200 in 2014 – that’s the number of articles so far this year. Now it’s time to improve a few things around The CerebralRift.

10 CC Musicians To Follow: Amanda Palmer

10 CC Musicians To Follow

I’ve compiled a list of 10 CC musicians to follow, regardless of the size of their current following. I believe these musicians deserve more attention.

10 Netlabels To Follow

10 Netlabels To Follow

With 100’s or 1000’s of netlabels out there, how many labels can you follow? Well, here’s a start with my first 10 netlabels to follow.

Internet's Own Boy on Internet Archive

Internet’s Own Boy on Internet Archive

The Internet’s Own Boy on Internet Archive is a movie that is a must-see documentary. Once again I’m being inspired by the example Aaron set for us.

Creative Commons: Why YOU Should Care

Copyright creates a black hole that works disappear into for many years. Creative Commons attempts to repair this black hole. This is why YOU should care about Creative Commons.

Music Icon

Searching For Netlabels and Creative Commons Music

Last week I linked an article that listed seven resources for finding Creative Commons music on Twitter, G+, and Facebook.  It was a good article for a quick list of some sites to look at. […]