One Lost Week

One Lost Week

So, where have I been for the last week or so? Well, the story goes back to a post from last week: One Dead Motherboard, and continues from there. As I said in that article, I had a replacement system on order, and hoped to be back by weekend. One lost week later, and I am just recovering and getting back into the swing of things.

A Rant About Common Sense Vaping

I’ve been doing some research for stories lately, and several topics have come up that annoy me every bit as much as the distortions and lies of the media. So, I’ve decided that a rant about common sense vaping is in order.

They Warned Us About Breathing

They Warned Us About Breathing And Vaping

They warned us about breathing all those years ago, but none of us listened back then. It seemed that it was scientifically proven that breathing was a necessary to sustain life. Little did we know that even while it was necessary to breath, it was a subject that could be manipulated to become a political hot-topic.