Cover art for Ethnic Profound by DubRaJah

Music Review: DubRaJah – Ethnic Profound (RootsDub – CC BY-NC-ND)

Sergey Gabbasov is a Russian social anthropologist specializing in the Himalayan region.  Under the moniker DubRaJah, he releases recordings in the genre he describes as “Roots Dub”. Some artists have been criticized for their attempts at fusing African and Asian styles into western dance music (for example, Toby Marks aka Banco de Gaia). Some critics feel […]

CerebralMix Ep 19: Soft Phases

CerebralMix Episode 19 NOTE: The feeds for The CerebralMix are changing. Please see the sidebar for the new feeds. The current feed will be discontinued in a few weeks. Download: OGG Download the FLAC from the CerebralMix Internet Archive collection. CerebralMix Episode 19: Soft Phases Table of Contents Introduction Track Credits Show Credits Closing Note […]