Cover art for Ethnic Profound by DubRaJah

Music Review: DubRaJah – Ethnic Profound (RootsDub – CC BY-NC-ND)

Sergey Gabbasov is a Russian social anthropologist specializing in the Himalayan region.  Under the moniker DubRaJah, he releases recordings in the genre he describes as “Roots Dub”. Some artists have been criticized for their attempts at fusing African and Asian styles into western dance music (for example, Toby Marks aka Banco de Gaia). Some critics feel […]

Just a Few Notes

So I haven’t managed to get anything posted for several days now. Durn that “real” life for getting in the way.  This is a post to cover a few miscellaneous topics that I have been rolling around the back of my mind since last week. I have finished listening to The Faust Cycle, but haven’t […]