Sucu Music Netlabel Interview

The Sucu Music Netlabel was founded in 2013 in Enna, Italy by four artists with diverse backgrounds. On just before their 1st anniversary they chat with The CerebralRift about their releases, collaborating, Creative Commons and the future of netaudio.

Niagara Falls fireworks by Samericnick

Happy Independence

Okay, so I realize it isn’t Independence Day for the whole world.  However, it is in America. so I felt it appropriate to mark it’s passing. As I mentioned in the notes for the CerebralMix this week, this is the day we celebrate our Declaration of Independence from Britain in 1776.  At the time our […]

Telephone Pole & Wires

DOJ and AP Telephone Records

The story about the U.S. Department of Justice issuing a subpoena for phone records of the Associated Press has spread like wildfire. With good reason, as the EFF reports.  There is a major need to look at the laws that affect privacy and information in this country, it is no longer sufficient to believe that […]

Bitcoin Logo

Bitcoin 101: What is Bitcoin?

I have become interested in Bitcoin over the past several months, but have not had the time to investigate it.  The reason for my interest is due to numerous stories that have come out: The ECB releasing a pamphlet that equates Bitcoin with a Ponzi scheme. The U.S. Government releasing a statement that Bitcoin transactions can […]