Cover art for Japanese Rivers by Vlisa

Music Review: Vlisa – Japanese Rivers (Electronica – Freemusic)

The immediate thing I noticed when I started listening to Japanese Rivers is that the instrumentation doesn’t sound very Japanese.  Personally, I think of the Fue (Japanese flutes), Shoko,  and Koto and numerous other percussion and stringed instruments, when I think of Japanese music instruments. Of course, that is my predilection for classical or traditional […]

Bitcoin Logo

Bitcoin 101: What is Bitcoin?

I have become interested in Bitcoin over the past several months, but have not had the time to investigate it.  The reason for my interest is due to numerous stories that have come out: The ECB releasing a pamphlet that equates Bitcoin with a Ponzi scheme. The U.S. Government releasing a statement that Bitcoin transactions can […]

Cover art for Ethnic Profound by DubRaJah

Music Review: DubRaJah – Ethnic Profound (RootsDub – CC BY-NC-ND)

Sergey Gabbasov is a Russian social anthropologist specializing in the Himalayan region.  Under the moniker DubRaJah, he releases recordings in the genre he describes as “Roots Dub”. Some artists have been criticized for their attempts at fusing African and Asian styles into western dance music (for example, Toby Marks aka Banco de Gaia). Some critics feel […]

The CCTrax Front Web Page

CCTrax: Great Place To Get Your CreativeCommons Fix

For those of us that have been using the Internet Archive, SonicSquirrel, Jamendo, Band Camp, and other sites to find our musical fixes, there is a new site that shows a lot of promise for those that want a cleaner style with a more consistent and easy to use navigation structure: CCTrax. This site is […]

Why RSS Readers and the Choice of a Feed Reader Matters

Introduction I wrote a quick article last night listing several open source alternatives to Google Reader, after the announcement that Google plans to drop the application in July of this year.  There was an fairly active conversation on Twitter about this for about 24 hours, which I found myself following and responding to…  In fact, […]