Talk Less, Say More: England Without Rain

Music Review: Talk Less, Say More – England Without Rain (Indietronics – CC BY-NC-SA)

I mentioned in a previous review that the whole genres as a marketing tool is very annoying to me.  Imagine my surprise when I looked at the information for this release and saw that it marked “indietronics”.  I seriously wish we could put an end to the genre as a marketing method madness. Okai? Thx. Okay, setting aside my […]

Cover art for Japanese Rivers by Vlisa

Music Review: Vlisa – Japanese Rivers (Electronica – Freemusic)

The immediate thing I noticed when I started listening to Japanese Rivers is that the instrumentation doesn’t sound very Japanese.  Personally, I think of the Fue (Japanese flutes), Shoko,  and Koto and numerous other percussion and stringed instruments, when I think of Japanese music instruments. Of course, that is my predilection for classical or traditional […]

Just a Few Notes

So I haven’t managed to get anything posted for several days now. Durn that “real” life for getting in the way.  This is a post to cover a few miscellaneous topics that I have been rolling around the back of my mind since last week. I have finished listening to The Faust Cycle, but haven’t […]

Review: I Step Into The Advent

Title: I Step Into The Advent Artist: Mikael Fyrek Label: Kahvi Collective Release Date: 11/10/2009 Catalog No: Kahvi 276 License: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND-SA Mikael Fyrek is another example of one of the extremely fine electronic musicians that has been on the net for quite sometime.  This release is his fifth on the Kahvi Collective, and […]