CerebralRift CD Giveaway

CerebralRift CD Giveaway

Ten years ago I was a mass consumer of over-commercialized culture. I actually held a second job to have extra money so I could buy as many CD’s, books, and other nick-knacks of modern kitsch as I could. Then I discovered something very interesting: netlabels.

Why RSS Readers and the Choice of a Feed Reader Matters

Introduction I wrote a quick article last night listing several open source alternatives to Google Reader, after the announcement that Google plans to drop the application in July of this year.  There was an fairly active conversation on Twitter about this for about 24 hours, which I found myself following and responding to…  In fact, […]

CerebralMix Ep 19: Soft Phases

CerebralMix Episode 19 NOTE: The feeds for The CerebralMix are changing. Please see the sidebar for the new feeds. The current feed will be discontinued in a few weeks. Download: OGG Download the FLAC from the CerebralMix Internet Archive collection. CerebralMix Episode 19: Soft Phases Table of Contents Introduction Track Credits Show Credits Closing Note […]