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10 Excellent Independent Labels

In July I published 10 Netlabels To Follow the first guide to alternative labels for the music that saturates our lives. The idea was to expose different labels and bring some attention to the people making music available that challenges our listening habits. So, here is the next list of 10 excellent independent labels.

The Kid Still Goes On

The Kid Still Goes On

Hailing from Gainesville, Florida, Big Shoals is a three piece band producing music that is frequently referred to as “roots rock” with a healthy dose of Americana and country twang. On their first release we get a healthy dose of how this music has evolved since it was originally known as country rock back in the 70’s and 80’s — when it was a young style. Let’s see how the kid still goes on with Big Shoals.

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Listen Hear: Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Smith

blocSonic has re-started producing a series of releases designed to expose listeners to artists they feel have been overlooked. And the first one of these releases I have encountered is introducing Mr. & Mrs. Smith to me.