Cousin Silas's Transformations

Cousin Silas’s Transformations

New Release: Cousin Silas’s Transformations Cousin Silas’s Transformations is the largest scale work from the ambient master on CerebralAudio.  This release is uses ebow loops, with pads and guitar to create hypnotic, slowly evolving soundscapes that will fit your mood. This work is as abstract as several other recent CerebralAudio releases, including  Cousin Silas’s The […]

There Is No Wall No Nothing

Mystified: There Is No Wall No Nothing

New Mystified Release: There Is No Wall No Nothing Today we are proud to release the first full-length release from Mystified: There Is No Wall No Nothing.  This is Mystified’s second appearance on CerebralAudio. His first appearance was back in July on Into The Rift: Volume One. However, comparison’s between the two tracks would not […]

Ambelion: Quasi-Stationary

New Release: Quasi-Stationary

New Ambelion Release With Quasi-Stationary Ambelion has brought his distinctive approach to electronic music to CerebralAudio. My first introduction to the work of Ambelion was in 2014 when I found a remastered copy of his 2008 release Waiting for Quarters.  I was taken by his ability to mix Ambient, IDM, Berlin School and a host […]

Tim Kays: The Way Home

Tim Kays Shows Us The Way Home

New Tim Kays Release Today we are proud to announce a new Tim Kays release on The Cerebral Audio Netlabel.  Tim Kays shows us The Way Home on this release, his first on CerebralAudio. Tim Kays Shows Us The Way Home After more than five years in recording and production, Tim Kays has released an album […]

Experiments In Isolation Three

The Third of Three Releases from Scott Lawlor

The Third of Three Releases from Scott Lawlor This is the third of three releases from Scott Lawlor on CerebralAudio: Experiments In Isolation Three.  This release picks up where the second release ended and explores the two types of studies frequently used in Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (aka REST). About Experiments In Isolation Three Experiments In […]