Into The Rift Vol. 2 Submissions

Updated: Into The Rift Vol. 2 Submissions Open

Into The Rift Vol. 2 Submission Guidelines Submissions for Into The Rift Vol. 2 are a little bit different from previous guidelines. Please read all of this guide to ensure your submission is accepted. World Wide Storms Theme The past year has seen numerous turbulent social, political, financial, scientific and ecological events. And 2017 appears to be continuing […]

Cousin Silas's Transformations

Cousin Silas’s Transformations

New Release: Cousin Silas’s Transformations Cousin Silas’s Transformations is the largest scale work from the ambient master on CerebralAudio.  This release is uses ebow loops, with pads and guitar to create hypnotic, slowly evolving soundscapes that will fit your mood. This work is as abstract as several other recent CerebralAudio releases, including  Cousin Silas’s The […]