Into The Rift: Volume One

Into The Rift: Volume One

Into The Rift: Volume One

Into The Rift: Volume One was never the original plan for Netlabel Day 2016,.  Instead, the plan was to write a book.  Seriously. I even got about halfway into the first draft (a little over 100 pages). But that’s when I hit a crucial point. The draft was a good start, but I was going to have to provide a lot of reference material to back up my assertions.  In order to provide the appropriate reference material, I needed to do research.  A lot of research.  The kind of research that could take months, maybe even a year to complete.  I needed a Plan B.

Plan B

Plan B was going to be a compilation.  The idea was to ask Cousin Silas and John Ov3rblast to contribute a couple of new tracks.  As SoundChaser, I had already started working on some new material. And I aslo had an idea considered tryin my hand at editing and remixing one of my earlier tracks.  I thought it was a pretty solid idea that would have been easy to execute.  But as I thought about it, the idea didn’t advance any of my goals to expand the types and styles of music we present, and venture into some uncharted territory. So I needed Plan C.

Plan C

So, I started working on Plan C: produce an anthology of new music. This quickly turned into an open call for participation. At first the response was modest. It seemed we were going to have a single release with 10-12 tracks. I was quite pleased: some of the artists stretched out in new directions, and several brought a different style.

And then something hit critical mass.  I started receiving more and more contributions that I hadn’t expected.  Artists I thought didn’t have time or the interest submitted tracks to this work.  Some submissions were surprising: one group I’ve been following for a few years submitted a track. I was floored! I didn’t think they knew anything about me, much less Into The Rift. And a composer who studied with Luciano Berio (whose Sinfonia has been one of my favorite pieces since college) submitted a track.  A PhD Fellow in Sociology and Media submitted a piece.  Even the friend of a friend who hasn’t released any of his work before was compelled to submit a track.  I had never imagined this range of artists finding their way to CerebralAudio.  Sure, I dreamed of expanding the label a bit, but this was unimaginable.

Overall, the compiling and production of this body of work has been an extremely humbling experience. What you are listening to, downloading or just generally checking out is literally a work that came together through the kindness of the many (THIRTY!!!) artists that contributed to this anthology.  I am still in a state of shock, and completely humbled by you faith in CerebralAudio, and the experience of putting all of these magnificent works together.


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Catalog Information

Catalog No: CAAN0001
Style: Various
Release Date: July 14th, 2016
License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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