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Not Sure This Goes With Your Outfit

Not Sure This Goes With Your Outfit

Daniel Robert Lahey returns to CerebralAudio with Not Sure This Goes With Your Outfit. While the title is amusing, there is something of a statement that can go along with it.

Daniel has chosen to point rather humorously to the idea that really this music isn’t intended for the stuffy environments of the performance hall.  It’s for everyone, no matter what clothes they are wearing.  Even
if they are making choices to appear as unique and individual as they can.

Classical music was never really intended to be the domain of the elitist.  It was music for the people.  Mozart proved this with his popular opera’s written for the general public instead of being written for kings or royalty.

On another level, Daniel’s selection of this title could be seen as a commentary on the musical establishment.  The question isn’t whether this is classical music, but rather a staetment that “this” work doesn’t fit with an “establishment” conception of style.

There’s also a third layer of meaning to this title.  Something of an internal joke.  There are points at which you might be listening to this work and thinking, “how does that fit in?” That’s when you will discover the playful side of Daniel, occasionally hiding little pieces of incongruous material as a joke for your ears.  These tiny non-sequiturs could be seen as not going with the “outfit” of the
composition as a whole.


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Catalog Information

Catalog No: CACL0003
Style: Classical / Orchestral / Instrumental
Release Date: Dec 1, 2016
License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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