Cousin Silas - Observations From Earth And Beyond

Observations From Earth And Beyond

Observations From Earth And Beyond showcases Cousin Silas as a sonic explorer in every sense. On this release he explores the Kuiper Belt, galactic lenses, the nebula, an old church, and the stars by transforming each into a sonic journey for the mind and the soul. Artists of the caliber of Cousin Silas do not come along often. Having the honor of going on sonic explorations with him is experiencing the subtleties that we take for granted during our daily lives, and discover new things we never knew existed. (Who knew that we use our galaxy as a lens to determine the age of other galaxies?)

CerebralAudio is honored to release the magnificent Observations From Earth And Beyond.

Catalog Information

Catalog No: CAAM0003
Style: Ambient
Release Date: Dec 21st, 2015
License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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