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Drone Thoreau One


SoundChaser, the artist behind the sonic excursions Inside The World MachineParts, and (In/Re)flection brings his latest work Drone Thoreau One to CerebralAudio.  Hypnagogue Reviews said of Inside The World Machine: “Artist George De Bruin skillfully handles the piling up and breaking down of layers of sound as he goes along, and in doing creates a balance of truly gritty, harsh industrial textures and less dense, somewhat more floaty passages—there’s never an actual calm moment here, just places where the sound is less assaultive.” SoundChaser (aka George De Bruin) is the person behind CerebralAudio Netlabel, a participant in the annual Netlabel Day event, a podcaster, and a reviewer.  He has also been interviewed on Music Manumit podcast.

Drone Thoreau One is the beginning of a larger series of releases for SoundChaser.  He started by using a public domain recording of Woof Of The Sun by Henry David Thoreau (sourced from LibreVox) to create two long-form (nearly 45 minute) drone pieces.  Exploring the transformation of a single source piece of audio is an area of interest to SoundChaser.  However, the creation of these two works is only the beginning.  SoundChaser has included the STEM recordings (ie, the individual parts) he created for these drones.  He is encouraging other artists to take these STEMs and create their own works.  For all new works created from the STEMs, CerebralAudio will release an anthology of these works.

If that wasn’t enough, SoundChaser is planning more releases in this series. Each release will be based on a reading of a Henry David Thoreau poem. Each relese will introduce new techniques and tools. All the STEMs and supporting materials will be included with the release.  Each release will encourage artists to take these materials and create their own works.

Drone Thoreau One is an experimental work, offered to encourage others to experiment and play with something different.  It is a statement about how transformation should be used in creating new works. Nothing about the drones or the STEMs on this release resemble the original source.  It’s definitely a work that will put the listener into a different (and possibly uncomfortable) place.  Download or stream it now.

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