Night On The Great Beach

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Night On The Great Beach

Scott Lawlor

From Scott Lawlor, the artist known for the albums Dark Flow, Neptune, Seeking Rest, brings his new release Night On The Great Beach to CerebralAudio. Scott is a widely reviewed known for the diversity of his work.  “Lawlor proves that he can scare the shit out of me, and in a way that I’ve never experienced before.” says Eric May in his review of Scott’s ambient horror release Child of Rage.  In reviewing Rain 2, AmbientExotica says, “In the end, Rain 2 carries you home, and safely so, albeit with specks of frostiness and a wintry aura.”  Scott has also been interviewed on The CerebralRift, and the MusicManumit podcast.

On Night On The Great Beach Scott takes on the classic form as developed by one of the earliest and most influential musicians: Klaus Schulze.  Scott has taken on the form of early works by Schulze similar to Irrlicht, Cyborg, or Timewind.  To add his own take on these classic works, Scott frames the three parts of this release using a quote from The Outermost House: A Year Of Life On The Great Beach of Cape Cod by Henry Beston.

Night On The Great Beach is clearly a release for fans of Klaus Schulze, Steve Roach, and other major ambient artists.  It will also appeal to listener’s who like to hear audio interpretations of literary works.  Night On The Great Beach is a work that should not be missed, stream or download it now from The CerebralAudio release page.

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