Cousin Silas’s Transformations

New Release: Cousin Silas’s Transformations

Cousin Silas’s Transformations is the largest scale work from the ambient master on CerebralAudio.  This release is uses ebow loops, with pads and guitar to create hypnotic, slowly evolving soundscapes that will fit
your mood. This work is as abstract as several other recent CerebralAudio releases, including  Cousin Silas’s The Sky Road.  It’s a calm and serene set of pieces that have an implied rhythm without forcing any real percussive elements on the listener.

Whether it’s music that you need for meditation, or something to help focus on a task that you need to accomplish, this is the work for you. Indulge yourself in 80 minutes of constantly evolving and transforming
soundscapes of Cousin Silas.

About Cousin Silas’s Transformations

Less melodic, and more rhythmic, this work has the feel of Steve Reich, Philip Glass and other minimalist composers. While there isn’t any direct quotes of Indian music, there is a sense of the concept of the ever opening flower, or concepts in this music that make it enticing and hypnotic.

Track Listing

  1. Transformations Part One
  2. Transformations Part Two
  3. Transformations Part Three
  4. Transformations Part Four
  5. Transformations Part Five: Let The Sunset Begin

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CerebralAudio releases recordings across all genres and styles: ambient, pop, electronic, spoken word, vocal, jazz, classical.  All works are carefully selected and available for free streaming and download.  CerebralAudio accepts tips and donations for artists and the label.  All works are Creative Commons licensed, check the release for the license of this release.

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