There Is No Wall No Nothing

Mystified: There Is No Wall No Nothing

New Mystified Release: There Is No Wall No Nothing

Today we are proud to release the first full-length release from Mystified: There Is No Wall No Nothing.  This is Mystified’s second appearance on CerebralAudio. His first appearance was back in July on Into The Rift: Volume One. However, comparison’s between the two tracks would not be valuable. Thomas has the habit of being able to find completely different sounds and structures, even when he is exploring similar source materials and techniques for working with them.

There Is No Wall No Nothing might be a continuation of his exploration of using 78 rpm and Cylinder recordings as source material. However, this work does not have the mechanical grinding sounds present in the
previous work. Instead these sounds are placed well into the background, the basis for the drone element of this work without drowning out the other elements.

The intriguing element to this release is the voice: it’s distorted and manipulated to the point of sounding either alien or bug-like. Hearing it set against the cavernous drone sound makes one think that we are in
some kind of prehistoric era, listening to the formation of life itself.

And with those elements only scratch the surface of this work. There are all sorts of hidden suprises and subtleties throughout this piece that will give your mind a lot to chew on.

About There Is No Wall No Nothing

Thomas has been exploring using old cylinder and 78 rpm records.  This track has a more industrial and primitive sound to it.  It’s in a soft-noise type of release, pretty neutral and light.

Track Listing

  1. There Is No Wall No Nothing

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  1. I think I’ve found the perfect score for the Lovecraftian novel I’m writing! This release is very reminiscent of Tangerine Dream’s glorious “nightmare period. Beautiful, dark, layered textures open the door for all kinds of imagery. This is superb.

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