Ambelion: Quasi-Stationary

New Release: Quasi-Stationary

New Ambelion Release

With Quasi-Stationary Ambelion has brought his distinctive approach to electronic music to CerebralAudio. My first introduction to the work of Ambelion was in 2014 when I found a remastered copy of his 2008 release Waiting for Quarters.  I was taken by his ability to mix Ambient, IDM, Berlin School and a host of other electronic music styles.

This release sees Ambelion’s more IDM approach to electronic music: lots of beats and breaks, with hints of swirling ambiance at times, and other times more mechanical counterpoint.  This is really a return to the
style of the 90’s, but with a modern touch that only Ambelion could envisage.

Ambelion is a Ukrainian born electronic musician who has been recording for over ten years.  He has over 30 releases to his credit.  He finds that even when things are going rough, he finds pleasure and joy in making music.  It has been the major constant in his life, and will remain the major constant in his life for many years to come.

Listen to this release, and I think you will find that there is much heartfelt passion in this work. This is an artist who has been inspired by many artists in his vast collection of CDs.  And yet, he has found his own way of interpreting these ideas.

About Quasi-Stationary by Ambelion

Ambelion turns his creative talents to the idea that things are moving and yet still at the same time.  Like the way in which the earth rotates slowly, and yet to us it is a stationary object.  Or the way in which the structures around us, such as buildings and overpasses are stationary, and yet they are made up to lots of moving particles.  It almost like looking at the moving traffic on the road, and thinking that the road is stationary.  And yet the road is always moving.

Track Listing

  1. Trillian Tower
  2. Milkyway
  3. Blinding Joy
  4. Despair Emotion
  5. Ambelina
  6. Natural Of Space
  7. Lunacy Dream
  8. Running Kid
  9. Milanity
  10. Flow Down Glasses
  11. Electro Evening

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