Now Accepting Submissions for: Into The Rift

Now Accepting Submissions For Into The Rift

Now Accepting Submissions For Into The Rift, Volume One

CerebralAudio is now accepting submissions for a new music anthology to be released as part of the Netlabel Day 2016!

The theme for the compilation is the exploration of the fissures, cracks or rifts in music and sound. What lays beneath the sounds that you produce? What things have you wanted to explore but not taken the time to dig deep into them? What un-charted territory have you wanted to explore?

This compilation seeks to open new dimensions in your work. Find something new that has fallen into the cracks and out of sight.

Submissions will be accepted from May 2nd through June 13, 2016.

Please submit unpublished tracks using the CerebralRift Contact Form. Please use the subject: Into The Rift Submission

All submissions should include:

  • A lossless recording of the track (WAV, FLAC, AIFF). DO NOT submit mp3, OggVorbis, or other lossey formats as they will not transcode well.
  • A text file with a note with the following items: Track Title, Artist Name, Artist Profile, Description of the track, any additional information,
  • A link to download the release file. (Use WeTransfer, DropBox, or some alternative. DO NOT submit tracks you have posted to SoundCloud.)

If you have any additional questions regarding the compilation, please use the CerebralRift Contact Form to send them to me.

All submissions will be considered for the anthology.

UPDATE: I’ve been asked by several artists about the allowed length of submissions.  When I initially posted this announcement I didn’t put a time limit on submissions because I understand that each artist has their own sense of the space necessary to develop and explore a theme / concept.

That being said, I considered the idea top end length to be around 10-12 minutes. Shorter tracks are always acceptable (the first few submissions have been under 10 minutes).

However, submissions that are 120 (or the 180 minute long track one artist told me he has) would likely cause one of the following reactions:

  • Choking
  • Heart Attack
  • Soiling myself
  • Instant death
  • all of the above at the same time

So, really, the guideline is: be reasonable about the length of submissions. I won’t exclude tracks longer that my 10-12 minute thought, but please don’t make any of the above list of reactions occur.

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