Enhanced Enough Records Netlabel Profile

Enhanced Enough Records Netlabel Profile

Enough Records Netlabel Profile Introduction

Welcome to Netlabel Profiles, the show that explores some of the best and most diverse music on the internet today. On this episode of Netlabel Profiles we visit a country that

  • Produces 50 – 70 percent of the world’s cork.
  • Has the longest bridge in Europe, which is 17km.
  • Has had the same defined borders since 1139, making it the oldest nation-state in Europe.
  • The capital of this country also has the oldest bookstore in the world, established in 1732.
  • The capital of this country is even older than Rome.
  • Runs the largest casino in Europe.
  • Has the eight most-spoken language in the world, which is also the official language of nine countries.
  • Abolished slavery in 1761, half a century before Britain, France, Spain, or America.

What country is this? And which Netlabel is based on this country? All will be revealed after a little musical interlude…

Enough Records Netlabel Profile Profile

That was Gli Spiriti by Anima from our featured Netlabel: Enough Records, based in Portugal.

Enough Records was founded in 2001 by Fred, H4rv3st and ps. Since 2003 it has been managed and curated by ps alone. The label actually was a project that forked off an internet radio stream called Enough Radio. The stream ran 24/7 live stream with different weekly slots assigned to showcase different labels and artists, allowing whoever wanted to livestream. It was mostly focused on electronic music, and the underground IDM scene. Enough Records is another label that has roots in the DemoScene, and still has occasional releases from DemoScene artists, and some releases in musicdisk format.

Enough Records has never had any specific genre or direction. About half of the releases are Portuguese, the rest are international. Through the years Enough Records has organized a few events, compilations, physical releases, collaborations with other labels and even a few sub-labels:

  • Four 8-bit releases were salvage from the Catita! netlabel when stopped their activities.
  • Anonymous Archives is the socio-political activist sub-label.
  • [Esc.] Laboratory collective from Germany.
  • And they have some co-releases with a the Thisco Records (another Portugal based record / publishing company).

Enough Records currently produces releases on a bi-weekly schedule, and have over 400 releases in their catalog. All releases are free for download, and most are under a Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-Alike license.

Their main release platforms are scene.org, the Internet Archive (aka archive.org) SonicSquirrel, last.fm, Free Music Archive, Jamendo and BandCamp. We also have some of releases being distributed to iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Spotify, rdio, YouTube, and more.

Their releases are available as MP3’s, FLAC’s, OGG’s, and as mentioned before, the occasional musicdisk (which pre-dated the MP3 format).

Let’s dig into the widely varied and somewhat eclectic catalog of this outstanding netlabel on Netlabel Profiles.

Enough Records Netlabel Profile Closing

Thanks for joining us for Netlabel Profiles featuring the Enough Records netlabel. If you enjoyed the music on this show, be sure to check out Enough Records at http://enoughrecords.scene.org

This show is released under a Creative Commons, Attribution, Non-Commercial Share Alike license. All of the music from enough Records is released under a Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike license.

Be sure to check out the enhanced version of this show on The CerebralRift (http://cerebralrift.org). The posting on The CerebralRift includes:

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  • Links to the Enough Records website, and social media sites
  • A printed version of the profile
  • And an exclusive printed interview with Enough Records founder and operator: ps.

Thanks for joining us for Netlabel Profiles. This is your host SndChaser signing off, and wishing you the best of free listening!

Research / References

Enough Records Contacts

Label Enough Records
Contact Name ps
Email [email protected]
Website http://enoughrecords.scene.org/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/enoughrec
Twitter @enoughrec
Bandcamp https://enoughrec.bandcamp.com/
IA https://archive.org/details/enough_records
SonicSquirrel http://sonicsquirrel.net/detail/label/enoughrecords/118

Enough Records Netlabel Interview

1. Please introduce yourself…

My name is Filipe, i was born in Portugal in 1979, heavy computer nerd, ended up involved with the demoscene and netaudio scene looking for creative outlets, founded Enough Records with a couple of friends in 2001, been running by myself since a couple of years after that.

By day i do software development and project management for a small company in the Lisbon area called ArticaCC, working in the area of creative computing (computer vision, robotics, interactive installations, physical interfaces, education).

By night i poke my pet-rabbit Laku, reply to Enough artists emails, play video games and appease my lovely girlfriend.

Every third full moon i go crazy and try to compose some new tracks, sketch some drawings, write some short stories or code some demo effects. Most of it never sees the light of day. But sometimes i put it out there on some form or another.

2. How did you decide that you wanted to run a netlabel? (Did anyone or anything inspire you to do this?)

All the cool kids were doing it, so i knew i just had to!

Just kidding.

Actually i was spending a lot of time online chatting with folks about new IDM releases. Most of the people in the chat were artists or label owners. One of us had a server with free bandwidth so we often streamed in low bit rate what we were listening to at home (mind you this was before downloading an mp3 took 5 minutes, back then it took 5 hours).

Some guys played their own exclusive tracks they had been working on last week, others just queued the latest warp records release. Folks complained of labels taking too long to give them any feedback or put out their tracks, so we decided to make our own label and use it to promote our own releases. Also became a nice way to get new music without having to go look for it.

3. Why did you decide to release your works under a Creative Commons license?

We were already releasing music before Creative Commons was invented! And we were always releasing free for download. We never cared that others would redistribute or remix it, as long as they credited the correct author. Never made any sense to tell people not to share stuff they love. That’s how we find good music to begin with

At some point Creative Commons was invented and vidoes popped up on YouTube explaining what it was all about, other netlabels were also using it, so we succumbed to the hype and decided to tag our releases officially as creative commons by-nc-sa. At least now folks wanting to use our tracks for whatever, would no longer be weary if they really could use them or not.

It’s always great to see videos with one of our tracks as soundtrack!

4. How much time do you spend on running your netlabel?

I estimate around 1 hour every day goes into work for the label.

Some weeks it’ll be more than others of course, depending on how busy i am at work, how burned out i am when i get home and how much activity the remaining artists of the label are generating.

Most daily work is reading artist activity feeds and re-posting announcements of new gigs, releases, etc.

Then there is a fair amount of listening to new demos and giving proper feedback, maybe help finding someone to help master the final mix or prepare some decent artwork for the release.

And every 2 weeks i have to prepare a new release, upload it everywhere on the different formats using different methods and quirky platform interfaces, and finally spam the release announcement on social networks and such without annoying our target audience.

Occasionally I try to reach out and prepare special mix tapes or interview materials for zines and radios. Or poke some promotion agency to book our artists. Or test some emerging platform if it gives any proper number of listens back. But that happens more on an opportunity basis.

I also used to burn some DVDs and CDr’s and order tapes to be recorded to give away at events, but then i stopped having time to organizer Enough Records events, so not much use in that anymore. I send the occasional promo copy out to supporting fans now and again but haven’t arranged any new physical copies in quite a while now.

5. Have there been any projects (ie netlabel related, but not necessarily about a release, like maybe you set up a concert / festival / etc.) that are especially memorable to you?

We did a few different events with Enough. I say we because even though i am the only person left in charge of the label there are always some friends i can rely on to help me with sporadic things, co-organizing events was one of them, we did a few events in the Porto area with the ENR brand before i emigrated to live elsewhere. Not just solo gigs but also small festivals (the STFU Porto series for example) and compilation release parties.

6. Is there a long-term goal for your label?


7. Are you involved in anything else other than producing music? (IE, videos, CD’s, wallpapers, t-shirts, etc.)

Not really, we did a few promotional physical copies of different releases (DVDs, CDRs, CDs, tapes, even vinyl). We also did some flyers, postcards and stickers. Making t-shirts or hoodies would be a good idea, need to look for a decent online store to order some. 🙂

“I run a netlabel since 2001 and all i got was this lousy t-shirt” seems acceptable 🙂

8. Any cool stories about projects / releases? (IE, they got used in someone else’s movie / video, or something similar.)

We have a lot of tracks that ended up being used in videos. Especially since we been putting our catalog up on Free Music Archive, the number of requests to use the tracks for small videos (commercial and non commercial) increased quite a bit.

Some of them are curious (model photo shoots, paperkite gatherings, anti-capitalism protesting) but nothing particularly stands out 🙂

9. What is your take on the future of music? (IE, do you think streaming will be more important than downloads, do you think the major labels will go bankrupt, do you think more people are turning to netlabels than traditional music sources, etc.)

I have lost hope on big labels long ago, there is a lot of good music out there on big labels but it always ends up being covered in hype and sounding like everytihng else. Whenever the project tries to make something different from the pop charts it gets dropped. So it all feels like a factory, very plastic and formulaic, i stopped listening to standard radio.

Streaming radio has really seem to be on high lately. Low access costs might really bring radio back and people can create their own playlists, find their own gems. Unfortunately these kind of services that are cool always end up getting bought by multinationals, turned overly expensive and left to rot while the user base migrates to the next rising platform. Most stuff is found on YouTube nowadays, which is kind of cool and scary at the same time.

I really miss author radio shows though, there are a lot of them as podcasts on the internet but they all feel quite hidden to the common user, mostly due to silly restrictions on the leading commercial platforms like iTunes. But there are alternatives, and people who are looking for these things will find them.

Social music platforms are also quite interesting, SoundCloud and MxiCloud seems to be doing pretty well for example. Insane quantities of new music available for the listener and a great platform for artists to get feedback on their latest releases. They feel kind of ephemeral though since sometimes you can’t download and the track you just found might just disappear completely someday. It’s hard to keep track of the gems you find.

10. Any upcoming projects / releases / events you would like to mention?

Not really, we will keep our semi-periodic releases going whenever a new release is ready and that’s pretty much all we have on the drawing board in terms of world domination right now,.

Each of our releases is unique, i only wish everyone in the world would listen and be able to hear what i have heard when i decided to give the thumbs up to the artists.