Enhanced Subbass Netlabel Profile

Enhanced Subbass Netlabel Profile

Enhanced Subbass Netlabel Profile: Introduction

Welcome to Netlabel Profiles, the show that explores some of the best and most diverse music on the internet today. On this show we visit a city with a remarkable history…

In 1907 a remarkable discovery was made: the jawbone of the first known human being in all of Europe. It is speculated that this person died somewhere between 200,000 and 600,000 years ago based on carbon dating. In the 5th Century BC a Celtic fortress of refuge was built built on a nearby mountain. In 40 AD, a fort was built and occupied by the 24th Roman cohort. The Romans remained in this region until 260 AD, when they were conquered by Germanic tribes.

During the middle ages a monastery, castle, abbey and other structures were erected as the population grew in this region. Many of thee buildings are still standing today, monuments to this city’s history. The first mention of the modern name of this city is found in a document in the Abbey from 1196. During the 2nd World War, this city escaped bombing by the allied forces, and so much of the original architecture has not been rebuilt: it is the original buildings, sometimes added on to over the years, but still the original architecture. And, during the 2nd World War, the Nazi’s built a secret amphitheater up on the hillside just outside the city. This amphitheater is still preserved, and used for theater festivals.

On the more curious side of the history of this town, it is possibly the only city that can claim to have a student jail as a tourist attraction. The very famous University in this city was known to have students that were a bit unruly at times: getting drunk, being loud and disorderly, etc. The council of the city put it on the University to deal with the students. So, the University created a jail. It remains a tourist attraction because of the graffiti the students left behind: using candle smoke to write messages on the ceilings of the cells, or carving picture frames into the walls of the cells and inserting their photos.

Another major tourist attraction seems slightly odd: the world’s largest wine barrel. The barrel can hold 220,000 liters of Wine. Unfortunately these days it is no longer in use, but is on permanent display in the Castle. Along with a museum of pharmaceutical history. And, finally, this city makes the claim to have invented the bicycle, originally known as the “Laufmaschine” (or Dandy Horse), however the original device did not have the pedals and chain drive system that has come to typify the bicycle.

So, with this interesting and rich history you might be surprised by the kind of music coming from our featured Netlabel this week. Let’s sample a track…

Enhanced Subbass Netlabel Profile

That was Trumpets, by Dansu from our featured netlabel: Subbass, based in Heidleberg, Germany.

Subbass was created 2010 by the artist SPCZ. Their first issue was the compilation “Dubstep Made In Germany”. During the first few years of the label they held monthly dubstep parties in support of the underground music scene at that time. The label was a way for the DJ’s to get some of their works publsihed. This support has lead to the emergence and sustaining of low frequency music in this part of Germany.

In 2012 Subbass added a new series of compilations to their already impressive line up of dub, bass, downbeat, breaks and ambient styles, which they call Ethnostep. Ethnostep is the merging of World Music with Global Bass in a “vibrating melange, a musicial elixir to stimulate the seduction of senses of cosmopolitan and open minded individuals.”

The philosophy of Subbass can best be summarized as:

Making music is the most primeval form of human expression. Imbued with a mystical power to communicate at an instinctual level that transcends language and speaks directly to the soul. What we have in mind is to go to the one place that everybody carries within themselves. We believe that the whole external universe is also found within us all. There is one planet, and on this planet there is this peaceful, easy, partying tribe, everybody can connect to.

At the time of the creation of this profile, Subbass has 42 releases available. These releases are available for download from their website and BandCamp sites under a Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Comercial, No Derrivatives license. While the releases can be freely downloaded, please consider supporting them by purchasing them.

Let’s spend the remainder of this Netlabel Profile listening to some tunes from this labels diverse catalog of low frequency fused music, including tracks from: Bassrael, Ben I Sabbah, Calma Dub, Dj Danel, Hi Towa, Thousand Yard Prayer, and many others.

Enhanced Subbass Netlabel Profile: Closing

Thanks for joining us for Netlabel Profiles featuring the Subbass netlabel. If you enjoyed the music on this how, be sure to check out Subbass athttp://subbass.cc/

This show is released under a Creative Commons, Attribution, Non-Commercial Share Alike license. All of the music from Subbass is released under a Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, No Derivatives license.

Be sure to check out the enhanced version of this show on The CerebralRift (http://cerebralrift.org). The posting on The CerebralRift includes:

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  • A printed version of the profile
  • And an exclusive printed interview with Subbass founder SPCZ

Thanks again for joining us for Netlabel Profiles. This is your host SndChaser signing off, and wishing you the best of free listening!

Subbass Links

Label Subbass Netlabel
Contact Name Uwe Heller
Email info_at_subbass.cc
Website http://subbass.cc/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Subbass-Netlabel/382808355062695
BandCamp http://subbass.bandcamp.com/

Subass Interview

1. Please introduce yourself / yourselves…

Music has always been my passion – I used to collect vinyl records and started playing them at the local youth center in the beginning of the Nineties, mixed stuff from punk, grunge, krautrock and electro… I have been working for many years as a dj, thrilled by Asian Underground I formerly was playing Worldbeats as “Tribalgrooves” (1999-2007) and then have hold a monthly Dubstep Event in Heidelberg from 2008 – 2012 (called TIEFDRUCK). When it came to Dubstep the time had come to start an own Label.

2. How did you decide that you wanted to run a netlabel? (Did anyone or anything inspire you to do this?)

To the beginning we had a monthly dubstep party for several years on the run. Most of our guest DJs besides produced their own music. Dubstep was still underground in our area, so near nobody had published anything. To give the underground producers a base, the idea for the compilation was born.

3. Why did you decide to release your works under a Creative Commons license?

Making money was never any question at the idea for the Netlabel – I’m musical idealist, and honestly: our releases are subgenres from an electronic subgenres – if i want to earn money and get famous, I better start with 4 on the floor rhythms overdubbed by some children melodies, these cheap junk re-marketing from the music industry is very annoying.

4. How much time do you spend on running your netlabel?

As much as i can spend once it’s time again for…

4. Have there been any projects (ie netlabel related, but not necessarily about a release, like maybe you set up a concert / festival / etc.) that are especially memorable to you?

We have held different label parties at our home location, like our legendary Halloween Dubstep Events at the Karlstorbahnhof, Heidelberg. At the moment there isn`t any more in planning… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osX8LlR9r48 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4knb8QaGxU

5. Is there a long-term goal for your label?

Maybe: musical “late education” for the masses 😉

6. Are you involved in anything else other than producing music? (IE, videos, CD’s, wallpapers, t-shirts, etc.)

Subbass merch shop: http://subbass.spreadshirt.de/

7. Any cool stories about projects / releases? (IE, they got used in someone else’s movie / video, or something similar.)

We here in Germany have an legendary television program in one channel. The Space Night. Spacemovies (NASA, ESA…) with exotic music. Running for over 20 years originally liked to see before or after the raves or club gigs. Previously there was no alternative for. Hence the cult status. We have at the current relaunch some songs of our label in the show https://youtu.be/2THkF4SWzRc

8. What is your take on the future of music? (IE, do you think streaming will be more important than downloads, do you think the major labels will go bankrupt, do you think more people are turning to netlabels than traditional music sources, etc.)

With predictions I am doing difficult for me – in principle I do not care – we don`t want to compete with anyone. We offer interesting music online and for free – what more do you want?

10. Any upcoming projects / releases / events you would like to mention?

As a part of the netlabel day our next compilation will be released at 14th July 2015 as part of it- and this I can already tell: it is a very interesting compilation – Worldbeats merges with mystical Breaks and Ambient – within artists from around the world!

Research / References


Dansu Trumpets
Bassrael Reibach
Jeveman MorganD feat Judub and WarriorCharge crew Rebels of Babylon *
Meier & Erdmann Cyborg’s Ambiguity
Hi Towa Antevasin
Emuin Swans In The Dark *
Thousand Yard Prayer The Steep and Narrow Way
Dj Danel Gicas House (cj Rusky ReRedit)
Chip Tronic Colorbound *
Calma Dub Third Eye
Ben I Sabbah Shamballa in Dub
BrahmiN BoDo ft MurchanA Pratidhwani *
NUAA The Bumblebee Dart
SPCZ Space Night
Arkeyetexture Bitter Cold *
Tourette Night Flight

Bonus tracks were not included in the #OO stream broadcast. All tracks
from this episode are from the compilation: Five Years of Subbass.

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