CerebralMix On No Agenda

CerebralMix 2013-04-28


Well, it’s no surprise that I did a new CerebralMix show last Sunday if you follow this site, or any of my social feeds (see the footer) I’ve pimped the show a bit.  However, there is a  surprise that I hadn’t talked about: a podcast version of the show.

When I signed on to stream a new version of the show, I wasn’t certain I was going to be able to produce a podcast version reliably without a lot of extra work.  Of course, I should have guessed that I would find a workable solution using Linux.  I’ve managed to stream rip a copy of the show, and have it as both an ogg and mp3 file.  Unfortunately, the ogg version was recorded at 48K (and up-sampled when I edited the file in Audacity), instead of my preferred 160K or 192K sample rates.  We are going to see if we can do something about that in the future. The mp3 version was recorded at 128K, which should be sufficient for an mp3.

Here are links to the files: OGG and MP3 for download, or, of course, you can listen to it in the embedded player above.  I don’t have RSS feeds set up yet, but should have them up and running in a few days.

And, here are the tracks played on the show:

Elvis Herod – Clutterbuck
SndChaser – CerebralMix Intro
Downinfinity – Solar Storm
Audio Dropout – Yeah Sure (alternative version)
Talk Less, Say More – Glockenspiel
Space Weirdo – Log On
Small Colin – On Toast
Vlisa – Japanese Rivers
general fuzz – comfort zone
SoundChaser – CerebralMix ID 1
Transient – Ain’t No Cure For The Way You Walk
Omegasix – Under Pressure
Graphiqsgroove – Autumnazure
DubRaJah – Anansi
Amygdala – TrES-04
SoundChaser – CerebralMix ID 2
Zero Project – High Hopes
Space Weirdo – Crazy and Left-handed
Kris Roche – Living In The Midst
Marc Atmost – Deity
Sinux – Phantom of Liberty
Tardiss – Red Earth
SoundChaser – CerebraMix ID 3
Gunther Brown – Madison
lonesome panda sociaty – ending and beginning
Knight Call – Hi-Fi (The Sound)
menion – morbida oscurità
Talk Less, Say More – The Wrong Door
Brad Sucks – Bad Sign
Small Colin – Sign Within
SoundChaser – CerebralMix Outtro

All ID break backing music is from Press Start by Space Weirdo.

Note: The CerebralMix is produced under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 Unported License.  Other licenses may apply to each track used in the show.  Please check the release pages for information on the licenses for each track.