CerebralMix On No Agenda

CerebralMix On No Agenda

After an over two year hiatus CerebralMix is coming back to the ethersphere.  This time, there is going to be a bit of a difference. Instead of being the traditional podcast, it will now be a live show on the No Agenda Music stream.

The show itself will be largely unchanged from its old format:

  • Mostly music with little interruption.
  • Eclectic musical choices: electronica, dub, noise, pop-rock, classical, jazz, etc. Could literally be anything.
  • The primary concept is music to make you think, or music to think to.

In other words the show is designed to be a mixture of relaxation and stimulation.

Here’s the primary details:

Who: SndChaser
What: CerebralMix on No Agenda Music Stream
When: Sundays, 6-8pm CST (UTC-6)
How To Listen: Click Stream ( or click OO Radio on the menu). Note: the stream is 24/7, so there is always some Creative Commons music playing!
How To Chat: You can use the No Agenda Webchat, use the webchat on the stream page, or if you have an IRC client log in to irc.zeronode.net/6697 and join the #noagenda channel. you can also use the Web Chat feature on the OO Radio page.
Podcast: Not yet. I’d like to, but need to get a show or two under my belt first. 🙂


2 thoughts on “CerebralMix On No Agenda

  1. About time! As soon as you decide to publish a podcast version i’ll be listening.

    The old CelebralMix podcast url is still in my podcatcher config, just commented out 😉

    1. Funny you should say that… Keep your eyes open.

      And, yeah, the old feed went through Google. I probably won’t be using that anymore.


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