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Something for a Sunday: My Clean Desk

CerebraRift's Clean Desk
CerebraRift’s Clean Desk

Look! Look!!  I actually managed to clean the desk of CerebralRift Central.  Yeah, maybe that’s not something that you would normally consider an accomplishment, but for me it is.  You see, this desk is where I live pretty much all of the time when I am not at work.  I record podcasts here (notice the microphone under the left hand speaker), I write reviews here, I spin tracks on (which you may notice I have on the right monitor in this picture) here, I listen to new releases here (notice the speaker placement – perfect for listening…  barely visible is the subwoofer to the right of the desk).  And of course, I take care of other business here: paying bills, etc.  And, if I need to work from home, I do it here – sometimes using the laptop (under the right speaker) depending on how things are set up at any given moment.  So, yeah, me being able to sit down and pound out a few articles (even inane ones like this) is kinda of important.

Agenda Cat
Agenda Cat

So, I mentioned a moment ago that I record podcasts from here.  As I’ve mentioned, I am routinely on The Kernel Panic Oggcast (which I think it’s been almost two years since I started on it).  Last Friday I was the guest on another podcast: Music Manumit.  I was a guest along with Ryno The Bearded of the OO Show.  And, the show was streamed on No Agenda Show music stream (which is where Ryno streams the OO show).

While the show went well, I will say this: I really hate Skype.  And possibly more so now that it’s owned by Microsoft.  I think I can say that I’ve never really had any good luck with Skype in the past, and this week was no different.  First, I couldn’t get it to recognize any of the microphones on my computer.  The mics that work just fine with every other piece of audio recording software I have.  The fact that there wasn’t any debug logging provided by Skype just made everything more frustrating.

But, I had a brilliant idea right when I was about ready to hang myself: I’ll just use Skype on my phone.  Not an ideal solution, but hey if it works, then it’s useful.  Of course, that ended up being a bit more trouble…  For some reason Skype didn’t want to recognize my Bluetooth earpiece.  And yes, I tried everything I could think of – all the way to rebooting the phone.  The weird part was, Skype would start to place a call using the earpiece, but as soon as the call connected it would drop the bluetooth device.

But, I wasn’t going to let that get in the way of the interview.  So, I whipped out a set of earbuds and hooked them up, and plugged in the phone so I wouldn’t run out of battery part way through.  After some technical difficulties on the Music Manumit end, we finally all got connected on the call and started the interview, and were only fifteen minutes late.

The interview went well for about the first forty five minutes.  Doug and Tom did their intro, and then started asking myself and Ryno questions.  I think we were having a good conversation, and it was a fun show.  Then it went surreal: my phone decided it had had enough of the Skype app and shut down.  Now, I should explain, this isn’t the first time this had happened.  Just a little over a week before, I had been running another app, and apparently the phone had overheated and shut down.  When I tried to start it back up, nothing would happen.  And, there was a faint scent of smoke coming from one of the corners of it.

Now, there were several other things that happened after the first incident with the phone, but I’ll skip over most of that for the sake of brevity.  However, I was about to replace it after the first incident, when someone at the store I had gone to managed to get it working again after doing a soft reset on it.  Now it was a week later, during the interview when it died again.  And this time, there was no getting it back.

So, I finished the interview by answering questions in the chat room while listening to the stream of the show.  What was weird about that was the lag, and a weird double audio problem that was going on.  But, I managed to answer things, and most of my answers did make it to the show via proxy. 🙂

After the show was over, I hung out with Ryno in the chat room for several hours.  And, I tried to revive my phone.  I actually did manage to get it to start back up once, and only once.  After unlocking the phone, the screen started going fuzzy and scanning wrong, then shut off.  And that was it.  No more phone.

I went out the next day and plunked down a large sum of money for a new phone.  My hope is this one will last for quite some time.  At least through the end of my contract, and I will be able to move to whatever phone I want to in the future without a new contract.

So, that was the big event of the week.  I’ll be sure to post a note and a link when the Music Manumit show comes out.

There’s obviously a lot of stuff I put up on the site this week.  And I am working on content for the next week right now.  I’ve been writing my little fingers off for the past couple of hours and have this piece and two new reviews done.  I’m still working out what else will be coming this week…  I’ll probably be writing all evening just to get ahead of the game a bit.  Stick around…it should be a fun ride this week.

6 thoughts on “Something for a Sunday: My Clean Desk

  1. Your’e welcome! I love that site and the success stories people post about. Running cables would do some good for my workspace but I move things about quite a bit.

    Maybe you could try some of the command cable runs? That would clip your cables to the back of the desk. I actually might give that a go so my cables aren’t hanging.


    1. I was thinking something along those lines for running the cables. I’ve looked at several solutions, just really haven’t wanted to spend the time attaching the stuff and potentially having to take my computer down in the process. (Yeah, I’m too much of a geek like that – I spend all my free time on my computer…). Thanks again for the site…it may just find it’s way into my directory on here when I get it set up. 🙂

  2. Well, i was on facebook and noticed your new post and went and read it. 🙂 Just had to comment because I love desk pictures.

    Have you seen Unfuck Your Habitat ( on tumblr? Honestly, it totally helps me keep my place in order. I mean, I’m not bad, but UFYH totally gives me motivation for keeping things clean and neat. 🙂


    1. I hadn’t seen that site before. Very nice, thanks for the link. For a while I was reading up on Fengshui, but haven’t really thought much about it for the past couple of years. IMO – if I had some time, I would work on running the cables better around the desk, and possibly tweak a few other things, but this works well for now.

  3. I love your desk. I need to post some pics of mine to my blog as well. 🙂 Deskporn is one of my favorite things to read about; it’s how I got hooked on Lifehacker.

    1. Dang that was quick…lol. Yeah, dekstop pr0n and desk pr0n is addictive…lol. Honestly, I really didn’t know what to write about today, and wanted to do smoething different, so I figured the desk cleaning victory was the place to start. 🙂

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