CerebralMix Ep. 5: A Virtual World Fusion

Episode 5: A Virtual World Fusion

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The fusion of Asian and Middle-Eastern flavors and styles into western music is not new.  It can be traced back to the classical music of Mozart, and definitely the operas of Pucini.

In the 1950’s, however the fascination with international sounds found a whole new home in in lounge music.  Most of this music was cheesy sounding and frequently mis-interpreted or mis-used international sounds. In the 1960’s the fusion of Jazz with with Indian tabla and sitar informed the music of groups like Oregon and The Paul Winter Consort.

All of this leads up to today where artists often take main-stream styles and fuse them with international sounds and styles from around the world.  This week we take a journey through the fusion of international sounds and styles of yesterday, to todays mainstream: A Virtual World Fusion, on this weeks Cerebral Mix.

Track Credits for Episode 5:

Time Segment Label Artist Album Title Lic
0:00:00 Intro Transient Hammerpants Zone BY-NC-SA
0:01:00 Comfort Stand Records Br. Cleve & His Lush Orch. Two Zombies Later Vol 1 Shaken Not Stirred BY-NC
0:04:41 Autoplate Emil Klotzsch Tiefe Berge sctl13 BY-NC
0:09:40 Monotonik Izmar Secular EP Funky Sitar BY-NC-ND
0:14:33 Jamendo Misterciapica DJ Trip #4 Temptation BY-NC-SA
0:20:07 Magnatune Petr Venkrbec Alone Tek5 BY-NC-SA
0:24:29 Magnatune Eternal Jazz Project Seasons Aspo BY-NC-SA
0:27:02 WM Recordings Spheriot Livingroom Orbits Mindless BY-NC-SA
0:30:22 ID Break Transient Hammerpants Zone BY-NC-SA
0:31:12 Magnatune Petr Venkrbec Alone Raw8ths BY-NC-SA
0:34:25 Comfort Stand Records Bumpenstein Two Zombies Later Vol 2 Fuad Motel BY-NC
0:37:29 Jamendo Misterciapica DJ Trip #1 Grace Marenco BY-NC-SA
0:43:03 Monotonik Beak Amoral Mayor Earwig I Saw two of Me BY-NC-ND
0:47:12 Comfort Stand Records Tapeworm Collective Tapeworm Compilation I Jezz Groo BY-NC
0:50:42 Noisy Vagabond Transient Flying Saucer EP The Path With Heart BY-NC-SA
0:55:06 Magnatune Eternal Jazz Project Seasons Loemma BY-NC-SA
0:58:18 Closing Transient Hammerpants Zone BY-NC-SA

I recently noted that Transient had left his keyboards after 15 years of releasing excellent electronica on the net. I also mentioned that Transient was making a DVD of all of his music available via his website. All of the links for Transient above are links to his site where his DVD is available.  Please check it out, and order it!  Transient’s 15 years of Netlabel releases are highly worth listening to.

3 thoughts on “CerebralMix Ep. 5: A Virtual World Fusion

  1. i just discovered your podcast recently. i really like what i hear so far, its a cool mix of some of my own favorites with stuff i havent heard before. always good to find more people promoting and supporting cc music keep it up!

    1. Hi Travis,

      Thanks for the feedback. I’m trying pretty hard to keep things diverse and a little on the unusual side. I’ve been listening to netlabel music for about 5-6 years now, and I am still finding netlabels that I had no clue about. (And that’s even after looking at the indexes like phlow.de and Sonic Squirrel.) It definitely seems to be an infinite pool, and there’s a lot of real artistry that isn’t happening in other areas…and that needs to be celebrated! 🙂

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